Fourth of July in Maine: Cedar Planked Salmon, Peas and New Potato

It’s a Maine tradition that marks the start of the summer season with more. emphasis than the Memorial Day parade.

Our gardens deliver the first peas and new potatoes in early July.. Wonderful Atlantic salmon its available in the market.

Putting it all together in one spectacular meal is a family celebration, with junior shelling the peas, Granddad digging the potatoes and Mother finding the nicest fresh filet of salmon.

We like to fire up the grill, season the fish and place on a new cedar shingle. It all goes on the grill, the cedar burning around the edges and giving the fish a bit of smoke. Yep. Its really works! Quite delicious too.

Add some Romesco sauce …you can fire grill the red peppers for this while the grill is on…. (recipe in Seasonal Recipes) and a handful of fresh chopped dill from the garden.

You’ve got a” summer in Maine “ treat that screams “CELEBRATE SUMMER!”And we will, if it ever stops raining!

Chef Laura